Made for the 48 hour GMTK Jam 2022 - The theme was “Roll of the Dice”

EDIT: WE WON!!! Thank you so much to GMTK for featuring our game, and congrats to all the winners! 

We’re pullin’ the biggest casino heist in history, boss. Let’s dominate some games and take home the money with your ROCKET-POWERED DICE! 

In order to pull this off, you’re gonna need to BOOST and FOCUS your way through ten casino puzzles, flipping those fully-loaded dice without getting caught. Make sure the casino patrons don’t notice your antics, or you’ll get thrown in the slammer!


Use WASD to control the multidirectional patent pending Rocket Dice

Use SPACEBAR to FOCUS real hard, making it easier to manipulate your dice

RIGHT and LEFT CLICK to switch between dice!


Programming + Level Design



Art + Voice Acting




Cover/Banner art by the amazing Figburn!

Please vote and leave a comment if you enjoyed!

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(34 total ratings)
Authorsthe good owl, Pefeper, Trent-Sama, MightyMuso
Tags3D, Comedy, Dice, Game Maker's Toolkit Jam, italian, Pixel Art, Singleplayer


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good game!

Fun and cool

It was very Fun to play


A great sense of humour that doesn't take itself too seriously. Finicky controls got on my nerves at time, but this game kept me hooked till the end. Can't wait to see what games you come up with next!

hilarious voicelines

This was so fun


Amazing game


Awesome game


awesome work!!  really liked the difficulty ramp up and the incorporation of collision physics in some of the levels

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How did you make this in unity? Can you please make a tutorial? On youtube?


Oh, and the plural of dice is "Die"


Dice is plural


Oops, I know. lol I meant the non-plural is "die". There are several places in the game where it's "dice" instead of "die" 


Jimmy Blitz don't know no better

Oh lol


"Boss! What are you doin!? We're gonna get blown outa here!" "Just trust me on this one! I- I need to make it do four backflips before it lands"


Where's the fun in cheating if you aren't gonna do it in style (and with a backflip or four)


There's some strong Nujabes vibes going on with the music, not sure if I'm imagining it. But anyways, the music, graphical aesthetic and PS1/2 style level/game presentation is very impressive. 5/5

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Yesss MightyMuso did such a great job on the soundtrack, we're glad you enjoyed it :)


this is the single funniest thing I have seen in my life

great game too but holy crap the guy with the Mike Tyson voice is what I live for


just realized guy with the Mike Tyson voice has a listed name

great job pefeper

(1 edit)

Actually that's my voice! But Pefeper did a lot of insane programming >:) so glad you liked it!!! 


my mistake! got mixed up :l

great job to all of you though I played all of the top 20 and this was easily my favorite

It's all good :D Thank you so much! That means a lot


Just oh spectacular I kinda forgot the 'focus' mechanic but just such a fun game


This game was so much fun and I love how the... person keeps saying "OI! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" everytime I fail. 

Our resident artist-turned-voice-actor did a great job with all the lines haha


That was very fun


This was really charming and fun, great job :)

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Thank you!!!


This deserves a steam relase


Such a great game!

Thank you so much!


best game, love it... havent enjoy this much a game since pong in 1981



MightyMuso seriously did such an amazing job!


Great game, realy fun!

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This game is so awesome, I like that you can complete the game without the concentration power


What a true piece of art, Vincent Van Gogh would be shaking in his boots at the true power of this art. The greatest game released in 2022. 10/10 would play again.


OMG, I love this. I was laughing so hard with the three stacked tables and the jump with the fire ring.


Really fun concept!
The team did really well!


really fun and funny. level 8 legendary


they never suspected a THING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That was hilariously amazing!